Run Brave Little Candle Run in Candlelight


Grab onto courage and hold fast as the world descends into darkness. The only light, the only hope in the world, rests on the head of one terrified looking individual. Who is this savior that will save the world from never-ending darkness? Well, a candle of course! Enter Pixel Maverick Games action adventure, Candlelight.

Players will step into the candle stick of this lonely protagonist as they venture forth to restore light and fight the darkness that is trying to take control. Venture forth through 15 large levels spanning across oceans, forest, and castles just to name a few.  Each level holds it’s own secrets, and players will be on the look out as there are hidden temples and secret areas for them to discover. Players will battle three bosses based on water, ice, and smoke.

Candlelight is expected to release on March 15 on both PS4 and Steam for Windows PC. To learn more about the game and developer, Pixel Maverick Games visit the official website, and “like” on Facebook and follow on Twitter.

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