Rule your own Empires of Sand for Free on iOS

Spanish developer CodiGames has been around since 2012 and are the makers of a number of games for iOS and Android. In 2013, they won the Lanzadera program, a privately funded award, which has allowed them to create their most ambitious project yet. Now, they are proud to announce that this project, Empires of Sand, is ready to launch, and will be available free of charge from the Apple App Store beginning Thursday, July 31st.


The game is intended as a combination of strategy and tower defense. The player assumes the helm of ancient Egypt as its revered Pharaoh, and must protect the people and the realm from the wrath of the evil god Seth. Find ways to manage resources wisely, acquire better soldiers, construct mighty defensive towers, and overall gain the favor of the god Osiris.

While you are founding your own unique Egyptian empire and arranging its evolution, other players are doing likewise, and you can challenge one another in real-time battles. Not only must you defend your own base, but you also summon troops and send them to attack the enemy. Osiris will grant you divine power to help you achieve your destiny, but you must use that power wisely. The developers particularly note their pride in the real-time aspect of the game, noting that such games are always a challenge for the developers, but that they have ensured a smooth user experience for Empires of Sand.


The game features four unique modes, to allow you to play the way you want. The Empire Management mode is simply that – learn to manage your resources to expand your city and develop the army. In Campaign mode, you send your troops to challenge those of the god Seth in an effort to retake Egypt. City Defense mode has you building and then protecting your city, while other pharaohs attempt to steal your resources and valuables. Finally, Player Vs. Player provides the above-mentioned chance to square off against other players in real-time battle to become the greatest pharaoh of them all.

All of this adventure and excitement is accompanied by high-resolution graphics which carefully straddle the line between realism and ‘cartoonish’ design. Players will enjoy an original soundtrack composed by Damián Sánchez, composer of the OST from Pirate Legends TD and Supermagical. In an effort to make the game available to as many players as possible, Empires of Sand is not only free, it can be played in seven different languages as well – English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, and Russian.


Conquer your own version of ancient Egypt on the iPhone or iPad beginning July 31st. In the meantime, be sure to follow CodiGames on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Tumblr to keep up with their latest news and developments.

Laura, to borrow a phrase from Metal Gear Solid 3, has one good eye and can still fire a gun. She refers to herself as a "video dame," and has been an avid gamer on various platforms since she first picked up a Pong controller over 30 years ago. She takes great delight in explaining different games to her husband.