RPG and TCG Mechanics Unite in Nightbanes

Digital collectible card game Nightbanes is aiming to offer an excellent play experience for fans of classic TCG mechanics by adding in a blend of RPG mechanics. Developed by German-based studio Diviad and currently available as a free-to-play browser game, Nightbanes appears to retain much of what has become standard in digital card games, while adding bonus material on top of the standard fare.


The dark fantasy art style Diviad has gone for still leaves room for a variety of creature and item cards available in the game; the pantheon of monsters to choose from consists of everything from vampires and werewolves to battle robots and aliens.


In terms of features and match types, Raid battles allow players to take down difficult bosses who yield unique card rewards. Ranked matches encourage PvP play, along with special PvP currency and cards that can be earned as players climb the competitive ladder. Nightbanes also has a feature that allows players to switch to an AI mode, allowing the AI to play their deck for them and earn the player additional in-game currency even while they are away.

For more information, check out the Nightbanes website. As previously mentioned, the game is already available to play for free via the official website. Additionally, Nightbanes will soon be available for Steam, with a tentative release date set for Friday, March 27th.

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