Roll Your Way to Safety in Go! Go! Meatball

While developing Go! Go! Meatball, the two-man development team of Antti Kolehmainen and Ville Herranen at Parta Games set out to build a unique title that “bridges the gap between casual and hardcore gamers without ads, energy-timers, IAPs or hidden costs.” The Finnish duo will debut their game exclusively on iOS August 10.


Go! Go! Meatball is a retro-style platformer where players must navigate through a Super Mario-type terrain in order to guide a loveable meatball back to safety. Survival won’t come easy though, as players must dodge, duck, and jump over numerous obstacles. Plus, there are an array of enemies ranging from manic birds wielding dinner forks to hedgehogs with razor-sharp jaws.

The game is said to feature a variety of content, including 30 challenging levels spread across 3 separate worlds, 10 unlockable hats to sport while straddling the line between life and death, numerous Game Center Achievements, and a leaderboard to track completion progress and compare scores globally.


Depending on the success of the game, Parta Games hopes to not only release the title on multiple platforms but also provide free DLC sometime in the future. “We’ll have to see what the players want the most. We plan to offer all the possible additional content free of charge after the initial purchase.”

To learn more about Go! Go! Meatball, check out the game’s official website, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

  • Antti Kolehmainen

    Due to some small unforeseen complications the game has been delayed a couple of days. More info incoming soon!