Roll into the Mobile Market with DirtyDices

Infusing dice roll elements into a hack-n-slash RPG, Russian developer MACE.Crystal Studio has put together an Android-based game that allows players to jump right into an involving story. Falling into a bad crowd on the gambling scene, the player character gets a lead farewell to the face over a game of dice. As he dies, there’s a world inside his head that plays out like a middle-earth RPG that the player will be directly involved in.

DirtyDices brings all the essentials to the table: Items, monster battles, treasure, etc., and slams a jar of dice in front of it to bring a D&D-esque playstyle to mobile devices everywhere. Player movement and battle will be determined by dice rolls, which will be displayed on screen. Though the game features random encounters, players will have to rely on luck instead of skill. The game is designed to be pick-up-and-play, so if the player’s luck runs out, it’s easy to jump back into the action.


The game was designed for use with one hand for easy operation, but that doesn’t speak for the depth of the game itself. DirtyDices requires an Android 4.0+ device to run. Check out the developer’s Facebook for additional info and future updates. The game releases today on Google Play, and can be found on this page or by searching “DirtyDices” in the Google Play mobile app.

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