ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS has Arena-Combat, Figure Skating, Rockets

One can never have too many rockets, as proves the brand new game RocketsRocketsRockets, from Canadian studio Radial Games. Rockets(etc.) is a colorful arena-battler chock-full of PvP and PvC rocket-battling extravaganzas. Each rocket is strapped with pretty lights, which stream from their tails to draw crazy, spiraling lines as they fight. Rockets can then shoot rockets (strapped with additional rocket-drawing-lights) at opposing rockets to send them rocketing off. RocketsRocketsRockets features both rocket-fueled single player and multiplayer (both online and offline) modes, as well as a “Zen” mode for the more faint of heart. Zen mode offers players the chance to teach rockets how to love, where instead of battling to the death, rockets perform an “intricate ballet.”

RocketsRocketsRockets began as a small prototype in March at GDC, but was so well-received that Radial Games decided to give it a full release. The rocket – err, game –  launched today on Steam Early Access, and you can pick it up for a measly $5; about $10 million dollars less than you’d have to pay for just one rocket anywhere else!


This game rock(et)s