Risk of Rain Hints and Tips

Having fun playing the roguelike game, Risk of Rain? So are we, having given it our IGM Game of the Year award. But perhaps you’re struggling to unlock some new classes, or having trouble reaching the final level. Don’t know how to survive the onslaught of monsters? Take a look at some of our hints and tips to help you survive:

1. While gathering loot is always beneficial, prioritize locating the teleporter. It’s a good idea to activate it as soon as possible. Then, while monsters are spawning, move around and kill them for gold and open chests.

2. When monsters and a boss spawn from the teleporter, keep in mind that you can separate the threats if you have trouble. Climb or drop down to a different ledge, and the boss will be unable to reach you, unless it’s a flying type.

3. Mastering each classes’ abilities take time. Make sure you layer your cooldowns to keep yourself safe. For example, as the Commando, save your roll until a group of monsters is close. Maximizing the damage output of all abilities is key to survival.

4. While most classes have some form of brief immunity, almost all of them need to kite effectively. Kiting means running away from enemies while damaging them. Although this is often class-specific, ideally find a flat ledge where you can hurt multiple monsters in a line, and keep running from one edge to the other, using your safety skill at appropriate times (for instance, to cross up the monsters). Climb on a ladder briefly to jump over enemies.

5. Even if you don’t get very far in the game, it’s easy to unlock items at first with achievements that you can get without trying. Certain ones are “lifetime,” meaning, you have to do something a large number of times over multiple playthroughs. Try repairing 40 drones and finding 15 monster logs.


Before going to the last stage, you can opt to revisit previous levels. It can be helpful because eventually, the difficulty stops increasing while you get stronger.

6. In multiplayer, it’s good to split up first to find the teleporter, then join up to fight together. When purchasing chests, make sure a class who is best suited for the buff gets it.

7. Drones are very helpful, but if your character is melee-oriented, they’ll die very easily, so don’t waste money on them.

8. Pay attention to what monsters spawn and learn their attack patterns. A lot of the monsters won’t be able to hit you at all, as long as you keep moving. Jumping and attacking is often a good way to minimize the chances of getting damaged while still landing some hits, especially if you’re a melee character.

9. Save your on-use items for large groups of enemies or when the boss spawns. One of the best items is the “Unstable Watch,” which stops time for seven seconds. It both lets you escape and stay on the offensive without getting hurt.

10. Don’t get discouraged when you die! Luck plays a part in the game. Sometimes, it will take you a long time to find the teleporter, which hurts your chances in the long run. If you can afford it, go for chests over shrines, and only use the shrines that require health when there are no monsters nearby. If you need it, lower the difficulty. You can still progress toward achievements, even though it says progress isn’t saved.

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