Ripstone to Publish Thumbs Up’s Debut Puzzler on PlayStation Mobile

Liverpool based publisher Ripstone have signed on to bring Panic! from studio Thumbs Up to the PlayStation Mobile as one of the services’ launch titles.

Panic!, the debut title from Nicolas Marinus and the Thumbs Up team, is a top-down action puzzler that tells the story of a number of survivors of an alien attack, with the aim to stop the green slime like creature from swallowing the survivors by dropping bombs and creating blockades along the play field, destroying the neighbourhood to your advantage. Animated cut-scenes will play out in between the action, relaying the crazy adventure of overweight ex-marine turned police officer John, along with the shotgun wielding Granny among others.

As Marinus himself says of the game, “I can honestly say there is no other game like Panic! It features completely original gameplay, fun graphics and challenging levels that are going to thrill you!”

Thumbs Up developed the title along with the assistance of production studio Green Hill and recently announced the publishing partnership with Ripstone during the Gamescom 2012 conference earlier this month. Ripstone may be a familiar name, having helped a number of game onto the PlayStation network, including Pure Chess, Knytt Underground and Big Sky Infinite.

You can expect Panic! and it’s unique mix of comedy and surf music to hit the launch window of PlayStation Mobile very soon along with a release on other PlayStation Mobile certified devices. For the moment though be sure to visit the official website for updated info and be sure to follow their twitter feed @Thumbs_Up_Games for up to the minute new details and screenshots.