‘Ring Runner’ A Sci-Fi Tale For The Age, Coming Summer

RingRunner 2012-10-24 14-04-16-44

Over the past few months I have followed the highly ambitious Ring Runner: Flight Of The Sages (Ring Runner) from Triple B Titles, as they went from setting up a humble Kickstarter in September of last year to getting it successfully funded by November, and appearing on IGN’s The Next Game Boss just the other month.

Now after five years of hard painstaking work Triple B Titles are almost ready to debut the game. Ring Runner is a great Sci-Fi based space shooter which follows a rich and deep story, based on a novel scheduled for concurrent release with the game.

Ring Runner will contain dozens of playable ships that form the skeleton for you to take the game into your own hands, and allow you to attach all manner of unique and never-obsolete skills and weapons to them. Yes that’s right all the skills and weapons have a use and a valid place in the game.

One thing Ring Runner does exceptionally well is creating a fantastic balance between how much skill you need, and how much you can rely on your ship. This means you can pilot very weak ships with high skill and achieve great results, the inclusion of only skill shots really helps balance this.

This skill element and lack of auto lock on abilities means the multiplayer side to Ring Runner is truly spectacular, making for a very even playing field that focuses much more on skill then blind luck.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the massively sprawling and truly epic campaign that will take you around 20 hours to complete! Who said games were getting shorter? However it’s not just the length it’s the content and gameplay; and believe me the game brings such a rich fun story along with some great mechanics that will have you hooked for days.

If you are a fan of space shooters and/or just love Sci-fi games with amazing storylines Ring Runner is a must and can now be pre-ordered from the official Ring Runner site for just $15 which is a total steal for the amount of content you get. If you feel Ring Runner would fit right in on Steam then go ahead and vote for it over on the Greenlight now. Of course more information about Ring Runner can be found on the official site too.

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