Ride with the Valkyrie Again and Again in Valk Unit Zero

Valk Unit Zero1

Valk Unit Team’s new game is a mix between a Choose Your Own Adventure story and the movie Groundhog Day. Players will make choices that will lead to different outcomes and start all over again with a more knowledge and understanding of how the world works. The world itself is heavily inspired by Norse mythology, and just like in the fables they’ll visit 9 different realms inhabited by an array of beings.

Valk Unit Zero is a 2D action RPG in which players step into the metal boots of a Valk Unit. A robotic recreation of the famed Valkyrie tasked with protecting the world. The Valk Unit has a unique ability, each time the player is reborn the experience they had in their previous life carries over. Players will fight against the Destroyers, a group hell bent on ending the world. Combat in the game relies on three resources, health, stamina, and tech. Tech is used for blocking, every attack the player blocks, a bit of their tech will be depleted. Stamina is depleted when the player runs or dashes. Players can switch between 12 different weapons while in combat, each of which has its’ own different characteristics while offering a different style of gameplay. Players will level up by collecting the souls from those they defeat.

Valk Unit Zero is currently development and is looking for funding on Kickstarter. The game is being developed for Windows PC, Mac, and Linux. To learn more about the game and the developer Valk Unit Team follow them on Twitter.

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