Ride, Train, and Evolve Pet Dragons in Dragon Masters

I love raising and evolving my monsters in Pokemon, but there’s always this feeling of distance in its RPG action. It feels weird to issue commands instead of riding into the fight with them, sharing in the danger and triumph. Dragon Masters from Radiate Gamestudio is looking to fix that feeling of separation by putting players right in the fray with their pet dragon, battling side by side with the pet you helped raise.


Dragon Masters promises over one hundred cute dragon styles for players to find and grow. From the looks of screenshots and the trailer, players can keep up to six dragons at any point, switching to different ones on the fly to use their varied abilities and powers in combat or exploration. With an open world style, players must also find keys and secrets using their dragons to steadily open up new areas. The game features an array of different powers and dragons to experiment with, finding different routes depending on which dragons and powers are chosen. Dragons can also grow stronger and evolve in unique ways based on how much they are used and how many fights they’ve been in.


Those looking to raise some adorable dragons will have to wait a little while, as the game is not quite ready for a Steam Greenlight campaign yet, contrary to what the trailer says. Developer Radiate Gamestudio claims that one is coming soon, but for now, players will just have to imagine the adventures and fun they’ll have raising their dragons in Dragon Masters.


For more information on Dragon Masters and Radiate Gamestudio, you can check out the game’s website and follow its developer on Twitter and Google +.

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