Rewind: Cinematic Paranormal Investigation

Rewind is a paranormal investigation exploration game backed by a fully-cinematic experience that’ aims to make the skin recoil in terror. Developer Blue Box has set a Kickstarter launch date for November this year, the game already has a trailer, and with a ways to go before the crowdfunding campaign March 31st, And is gearing up for the crowdfunding campaign. As of right now, there’s a wealth of information on the IndieDB page to get prospective players acquainted with the title.

screen_threePlayers take on the role of Jim Walker, a man who recently lost his wife and daughter in a car accident. Jim seeks the help of paranormal investigators to contact his wife through an EVP session, which is eerily conveyed through the attached trailer. Blue Box plans to develop the game for PC, PS4, and Oculus Rift, for the full effect. The game already has a Fatal Frame feel to it, especially with the monochrome, film-like art style in the trailer. With planned alternate courses and scenes in-game that can differ depending on the actions of the player, Rewind should be able to provide some replayability.

The basic concept has been publicly announced, however the game will be posting updates year round until the Kickstarter launches. To keep those interested up to date, Blue Box is hosting a website, IndieDB, ModDB, and Facebook for Rewind.

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