Revery – Duel of Dreamers: Free Pre-Alpha Released

From Montpellier in the south of France, Cheese Burgames have released a pre-alpha taster of their second offering. Revery – Duel of Dreamers is a turn-based 3D strategy game set in a colorful dreamscape, where the player controls and collects characters with unique abilities. Revery has a boardgame style, wherein its fantastical characters are portrayed as figurines who move from hexagon to hexagon to fight and reach objectives.


The pre-alpha offers two of the three modes that will be available in the completed version. Story mode sees players face puzzles and battles to obtain new characters, learn their histories, and upgrade them. Six characters are available in pre-alpha, but dozens more will feature in the full release. Player vs player is currently only possible if one device is used, but an online function is coming. Revery follows the studio’s 2014 premiere, Echoes: Deep Sea Exploration, a mobile game that lets players guide a submarine through a deep sea environment, clearing mines as they go. Revery represents a substantial stylistic shift for Cheese Burgames, which is run by a team of one developer, one communications manager, and one illustrator.


Revery – Duel of Dreamers is available for free in its pre-alpha version on Windows and OS X from and Indie DB. For more information, check out the Cheese Burgames website, Twitter, or Facebook. Full release is anticipated in 2016.