Revenge, Murder, and Kicking Butt: Punch Club Releases Fall 2015

Missing the old tycoon games from the 90’s? How about mixing them with a bit of Street Fighter and Super Punch-Out? That’s the intent of Punch Club, from the Russian studio Lazy Bear Games, who revealed their game last week at E3 2015. The game is based on the management of the daily life of an aspiring boxer who is looking to avenge his father’s murder.


Punch Club is described as management sim where the player controls a single character. The main goal is to enhance the character’s training routine every day and rank up in the club by beating several opponents. As the player climbs up the rank, the boxer gains more respect and gets clues to the events surrounding the day someone shot his father.

Players will have to make choices according to their goals. The training routines are a part of the general strategy to achieve greatness, as are the combat style adopted, foods, and drinks. Practicing is also key to success, and players will be able to face other fighters, gang members and even a “teenage mutant ninja crocodile” to unlock and develop new skills that will boost the odds of success.


The developers have released a free Demo version [download link] of Punch Club after E3, which is available for PC and Mac. The game will be released this Fall on Steam and mobile devices, so we can expect both Android and iOS versions. For further information and more screenshots, visit the game’s website. Follow publisher tinyBuild on Twitter for more information on this and other new releases.

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