ReVeN, a Space 2D Metroid-Mega Man Cross Gets Funded on Kickstarter

It’s been a while since Metroid was 2D, and there aren’t any new Mega Man games are coming out soon. Luckily, ReVeN is coming to satisfy that craving, since this 2D platformer/shooter just got funded on Kickstarter.

Varia Games, the developer, puts the player in control of SyRek, an android war veteran with robotically-enhanced capabilities. When news of a blackout on the Nexus Station reaches him, he ventures to the planet XR-Keres, which holds sinister secrets. SyRek explores the station and various other areas while fighting dangerous lifeforms and powering up his suit.

ReVeN is more than just an indie game with metroidvania elements; the game features a complex RPG system called Energy Divergence Module, which is part of the protagonist’s suit. It enables the player to freely customize his character in four directions:¬†Weapons, Shielding, Mobility, and Sensors. To do this, SyRek must find or craft power cores. The game also features a mining system which rewards the player for finding various types of resources, which subsequently can be used to enhance the suit. Different gear and weapons further mix up the gameplay.

While the project is funded now, breaking the $18,000 threshold, adding more funds will speed up the development, which can take up to two more years, according to the Kickstarter page. The next stretch goal is $37,000, for which the developers promise a full-time commitment to the project. Higher goals include a better Wii U port, a 2-player campaign, and upgrades to the graphics, cut-scenes, and sounds. Pledging $10 grants a DRM-free key to the game early. You can also help ReVeN get the Greenlight on Steam here.

ReVeN has no release date, but is scheduled to come out for the PC, Mac, Linux, and Wii U. For detailed information on the game’s mechanics, monsters, bosses, and levels, check out the Kickstarter page.

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