Return 2 Games Offers a Return to Classic PC Gaming

Many, including developer Thing Trunk, believe that the older days of PC gaming were the best ones. To that end, Thing Trunk are developing a suite of games they call Return 2 Games, which they say is an homage to specific, popular classic titles.

Return 2 Games is a series of seven games that are being developed in association with one another, but which will be released one at a time. The developers have not released much information at this time about what the games will actually be, though they have announced what their vision for the entire series is. Each game from R2G is a “tribute from a single hit game from the 90s,” and is then worked together with the others to form one grand, overarching story.

Return 2 games screenshot

As can be seen from the above trailer, the look of at least one of the games will likely be a kind of papercraft. As very little has been announced even of the first game in the series, it is possible that the art style will change between now and release, or even between now and the official announcement of that first game, which Thing Trunk says will happen sometime at the beginning of next year.

Those interested in learning more about the Return 2 Games series and its developer can head over to the R2G site, which answers a couple of common questions about the games, and gives people the opportunity to sign up for their newsletter. Thing Trunk’s website can be found here, and their Facebook can be found here.

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