‘Retrobot’ – Making Wall-E Look Like A Weak Ass Bi*ch


Before you crucify me, I loved Wall-E just as much as you did, trust me. But you can’t have a game where you just roll around picking flowers, trying on bras, and convincing the obese to start walking again can you? Well, maybe you can, but let’s save that for the obscure Japanese developers. That’s where Retrobot comes in.

It’s 2025 and humanity has shifted menial tasks to a network of automated robots. In the small town of Fairfax, Arizona (that’s not far from where I live!) Retrobot  has been built by Spencer, a socially handicaped 32 year old genius who still lives with his grandmother. Retrobot was built to handle all sorts of tasks, but best of all, he was built to play online co-op games

There’s one thing wrong, after a huge server crash an army of robots are now attempting to take over the world and they’ve kidnapped Spencer who has been deemed a threat to their world domination. Together with Spencer’s pet monkey, (cause why the hell not just throw a monkey in there?) Retrobot is going on a mass robot genocide so he can get back to playing Borderlands 6 with Spencer.

That’s right, Retrobot isn’t wasting his time playing with trash and cross-dressing, he’s out saving humanity for the sake of video games. The game will also comes packed with some old school’ video game references. If you check out the trailer we’ve embedded below you’ll see a tribute to Metal Gear Solid in there.

Retrobot just released on the App Store last week and I suggest you pick it up at the low price of $0.99. Be sure to follow Endeavor Bros. on Twitter to keep up with their latest projects.