Retro Virtual Pet ‘Hatchi’ Hatches On Android

It’s difficult to point out who would have a childhood memory with Tamagotchi, but in the world of gaming, there was a time when a handheld device was created dedicated solely for one single sim game. Young and naïve children obsessively carried the digital creature around, feeding, growing and caressing the digital pet on monotone screen probably more than their real pet. While I haven’t seen the device around for a long time, my childhood memory was brought back by Hatchi. Raising the digital pet in a retro fashion, previously on iPhone, now possible on Android.

Starting from the cradle with cracking egg for hatching, you will be raising the creature in many ways possible. Six meters, including: hunger, hygiene, smart, active, energy and happy, are there for you to keep track of, each of which is under effect of various activities. There are plenty of options, and your pet’s personality as well as its appearance will evolve according to how you raised it. The game transpires in real time: the meters drop and rise when you’re busy killing zombies somewhere else, requiring your attention as life goes on. As a real pet should be, whichever creature you’re raising can also die if neglected, so taking care of it should part of your real life daily activities if you want to go far in Hatchi.

As a homage to the classic, Hatchi employs a retro monotone art style with huge pixels that is reminiscent of the old days of the original Game Boy. The nostalgic chip sounds are there as well, further bringing back your memories. In a more modern practice, achievements are also included, being hosted on GameCenter (iPhone) and ScoreLoop (Android), with as much challenging as raising a pet for a full year.

It’s quite a long time, but the 1.0 version of Hatchi‘s release on Android finally surfaced on Google Play a few days ago. In case you missed it, the app was originally released on iPhone early this year. At the cost of one dollar, that would be quite some productivity in jeopardy, and a lot more things to do everyday.

For more information, visit the game’s official website. Hatchi is available on iOS App Store and Android Google Play, each for $0.99.