Retake Your Kingdom from Pixelated Monstrosities in Castle in the Darkness

Developers: If you have enemies move in a sine wave in your action platformers, then you are a terrible human being.

Monsters: If you leave one knight alive during your raid on a kingdom, they will inevitably be the one person who is capable of getting strong enough to defeat you all. Be thorough. Sloppy work results in a lot of trouble down the road.

Now that I’m done giving advice, I can dive straight into Nicalis, Inc and Matt Kap’s Castle in the Darkness, which is now available on Steam.


Monsters have attacked and the Kingdom of Alexandria is in ruins; you know the drill in this pixelated Metroidvania. You’ve got over a hundred weapons, pieces of armor, and magic spells to help yourself out, which will be necessary because the knight is very tiny guy in a world filled with very, very large bosses. Luckily, the player character doesn’t seem bothered by swinging around a sword twice as large as he is when attacking the creatures that roam the halls. Expect to use that sword quickly, though, as the game moves at fast speeds, requiring twitchy reflexes as things go bad. This game was designed by Kap, whose previous work was on 1001 Spikes, Legend of Raven, and The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. So, it’s safe to say that things will go bad for players.

ss_7bbad7d4d8403d509883c6070d40735b1df0ae2d.1920x1080I see you in that trailer, Medusa-head-like enemy moving in a sine wave. Don’t think I don’t see you.

Castle in the Darkness is available for $5.99 on Steam (on sale now for $4.97). For more information on Nicalis, Inc, you can head to their website or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. For more on Matt Kap, you can check out his website, or  follow him on YouTube and Twitter.

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