Relive Your Childhood With ‘Retro Arcade Adventure Remade’ Like The 90s, Only Now


I’m sure most people here have fond memories of the 90s era of video gaming, the simpler days of the 16 bit consoles with such colourful, basic and just great fun games. Well Marcus Horn wants us all to relive our childhood once more with his latest game Retro Arcade Adventure Remade (RAAR).

RAAR is a classic 90s arcade styled hack and slash game in which you must battle your way through wave after wave of enemies. Expect some frantic and fast paced one screen hack and slash action just like the good old days, but with some of the conveniences of the modern day sprinkled over the top.

Marcus Horn has gone out of his way to ensure RAAR looks like a 90s game by sticking to the 16 bit colour scheme of the consoles of the day. Along side this expect some awesome music that will take you right back to the 90s in this nostalgic time warp.

The gameplay mechanics will be focused around a single screen in which you will be forced to fight constant waves of enemies in order to reach the boss battles. Like any good hack and slash expect 9 power-ups which include the ability to turn the player into a dragon, and epic boss battles that require unique and interesting tactics to win.

Retro Arcade Adventure Remade currently has an open alpha available for download here. Marcus Horn is looking for more feedback on the game so give it a quick play and see if this type of game is for you and what may need extra work. You can also check out Retro Arcade Adventure Remade on IndieDB.

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