Religion Simulator – Take Over The World…With Religion

The indie developers at Gravity Software are all set to release their new game Religion Simulator for mobile devices. In the game, players will be given the unique responsibility of creating and developing their own religion, while attempting to spread its teachings and influence around the world.


Religion Simulator divides the world’s landmasses into hexagon square territories, which can then be taken over as a religion expands its influence by building temples or other sacred buildings. More tiles under the influence of a religion means more gold received, which in turn strengthens the power of that religion. Different tiles can also have different effects, depending on various aspects like population, wealth, and education.

Players will face off against other religions trying to dominate the entire globe, and can use various weapons, such as bombs, to destroy opponents. A secondary aspect of the game is the philosophy of each religion, which the player can consistently develop to decide the relationship between Believers and their deity. Players can choose which aspects of their religion are most important, as well as what kinds of laws and forms of punishment exist.


Religion Simulator is set to be released on iOS and Android mobile devices on February 27th, with an eventual PC and Mac release scheduled for March. For more information about Gravity Software’s projects, gamers can follow the team on Twitter or visit their Facebook page.

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