Relax and contact civilization in Transmission

Most games are frenetic, fast-paced and intense, featuring lots of explosions, fights and action. But sometimes a game will mix things up and allow for a bit of meditation and relaxation. Transmission, a game from the Indian studio Migoi, intends to be this kind of game, and have developed what they believe to be a different game type of game mechanic.

ss22Using a mobile phone screen, players must to help an adventurer stranded in the woods get in touch with civilization using a radio at night. Unlike other adventurers, this one is nameless and is really not worried about finding a way out or exploring the forest; he would rather sit in front of a campfire next to his tent and contact civilization through his little radio, simultaneously relaxing and enjoying the night.

Players will have to spin the radio’s button and let the good frequencies pass through slits, while making sure that the red interference is contained. The controls are all gesture based, and intended to be simple. The soundtrack has been made especially to make the experience feel even more laid back.

Transmission is already available for free on Android devices through the Play Store, and includes what has been dubbed “a new concept of in-app purchases,” according to the developers. For more information, visit the developer’s website and Twitter.

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