Regency Solitaire Transports You Back in Time

Grey Alien Games‘ recently released Regency Solitaire mashes up a Regency-era romantic adventure with, well, solitaire. The player travels to the year 1812 and takes on the role of Bella, the eldest daughter of an English family of some prominence and fortune. Bella has the typical aspirations for a young woman in her time period and circumstance; she longs to win the affections of a handsome suitor, and would particularly like that handsome suitor to be the eligible and dashing Lord Henry Worthington. But unluckily for Bella, her brother Edward is a nincompoop, and foolishly gambles away the family riches. Now she faces the prospect of an arranged marriage to her very unappealing neighbor, Mr. Bleakley, unless she can engineer a reversal of fortune and restore the family’s reputation.


The gameplay involves a variety of different styles of solitaire, set against a beautifully animated series of backdrops. As you progress through the story’s 20 chapters, you’ll travel to many of the major hotspots of Regency England, including Bath, Brighton, and of course London. Players are challenged to conquer each of the game’s 180 levels while listening to the classical soundtrack, trying their hand at a variety of card games. During the adventure, players will interact with many characters and improve the interior design of Bella’s family home, including the ballroom and her bedroom, in order to unlock additional features. More than thirty additional upgrades are available for purchase.


Available for both PC and Mac, Regency Solitaire can currently be purchased at for just $9.99 USD (£6.99, €7.99) . It’s been a top download at since its launch at the beginning of the month, and will soon be available from other gaming sites such as Those interested can keep tabs on what’s next for Grey Alien Games by visiting their Facebook page.

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