Rebuild an Empire with Cradle of Egypt

Awem Studios has released it’s mobile puzzle game Cradle of Egypt on the App Store. Preceded by several other Cradle of… games, this installment of the series brings a mash-up of different puzzle styles to play through.

cardle-of-egypt-review-02You’ll start out with a small Egyptian village; it is your job to build this village into a great city. As you solve puzzles, you will unlock more buildings to erect. The more buildings you have, the greater your empire grows. As you traverse through five different epochs of Egyptian history, you will build the great Pyramids of Giza, incredible temples, the Sphinx, and many other great architectural works. At the highest level, you will gain “The Son of Ra” title, and be master of your era.

With over 100 levels of matching puzzles, and many mini game puzzles, there is no lack of gameplay. In addition, you can play in a Relaxed mode and play just for fun, or switched to Timed mode and really test your skills. The game is accented with stunningly detailed hand drawn graphics that help immerse you into the game’s atmosphere. The game is also backed by a beautiful soundtrack that truly completes the experience. Finally, for all you achievement hunters out there, you can unlock a large number of bonuses and trophies.

Suitable for all ages, Cradle of Egypt can be picked up in the App Store as a free trial. It features an in-app purchase that unlocks the complete game for $4.99. Be sure to check out Awem Studios’ website for their full list of games.