Real-Time Strategy STARBOURNE: Sovereign Space Announced


Solid Cloud just announced their new, MMO, real-time strategy title, STARBORNE: Sovereign Space. Gameplay in STARBORNE revolves around long-term matches, a card system, and open-world exploration with real-time mechanics.


STARBORNE: Sovereign Space’s lore revolves around the terrifying thought of androids becoming supreme beings and overthrowing humans. The Lunar Colony is the home front of newly-formed companies such as “Gelecek” an evil cyborg corporation ruled by CEO Emerald Lotus who seeks out ancient Symbiont relics she plans to use to further advance his corporation’s technology. Jade Lotus, the rival sibling of Emerald Lotus, seeks to find refuge elsewhere rather than align with her sister’s dark deeds.

STARBORNE: Sovereign Space is a game where there are multiple paths towards success which can be achieved through either treacherous spying or through use of weaponry and technology. The whole intergalactic battle system takes place in “real-time” meaning some matches can last for months. A cards system has also been integrated as  a minor role in STARBORNE: Sovereign Space by assisting in shaping the empire of player’s starship fleets. The player is able to utilize traits and leadership cards to affect their gameplay experience.

STARBORNE: Sovereign Space is still in early Alpha for PC. To keep up with the development of the game keep an eye on it’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

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