Re-introducing… The Indie Game Magazine!


We are proud to formally announce the re-release of The Indie Game Magazine monthly publication. It was a very long month, trying to get everything established and a foundation built from scratch, and it took a huge push in the wee hours of the night to finish on time, but it is back!

In this issue, we feature the upcoming game NERO and its creative studio Storm in a Teacup. This is a big issue for us because it has a lot more content then the old issues. We crammed over 15 reviews, previews and interviews in 46 pages.

The best part about the re-release of the magazine was getting to witness its development. My personal portion of the magazine was laying it out in InDesign. But there was SO much that went on before I even laid a finger on it and I wanted to point them out so that we can all give a nod of support.

First, Vinny Parisi is a man on a mission. He orchestrated the entire thing once the initial vision was presented. He contacted all of the developers, assigned all the writers, edited almost every article and even wrote the features himself. Truly a class guy and someone who I enjoy working with.

The writers ALL met their deadlines. I would never have thought that to be true in the first issue, but it happened. Great work guys.

The developers were much more hands on than we expected and I loved every minute of it. A big thanks to every dev involved. You all made this undertaking very much worth it.

Last, but certainly not least, the fans who would not let us put the magazine away for good. For all of the words of encouragement and the, “I can’t wait to see it!” that we received, you all made it worth the time.

Thank you to the indie community, for without your support of IGM, we would not be doing this and certainly would not have brought back the magazine… no April’s Fool joke to follow.

You can get access to our digital magazine by following this link to our registration page.

We [heart] Indie