Rampage Knights Storms Out of Early Access

Early Access on Steam can be a tumultuous period in a game’s development. After five months of patching and gathering community feedback, developer Rake In Grass has, at last, fully released Rampage Knights.

A cooperative beat-’em-up with rogue-like elements, Rampage Knights has up to two players teaming up to fight evil. A spell traps the heroes in a forest, forcing them to take on whatever lurks in the nearby castle and its dungeons. Fans of Binding of Isaac and Golden Axe will notice the inspiration in the deep combat and random level structure. There is a good variety of melee techniques, from kicks to uppercuts to powerful, charged strikes. As the hero progresses through the levels, he or she gains some gear and fulfills challenges.


There’s a bit more nuance to Rampage Knights than just breaking skeleton and orc skulls (although that’s certainly an attraction). The player has a multitude of ways to customize characters. While all classes have the same melee abilities, players can opt to be Barbarians with more combat prowess, an Assassin who can dispatch downed enemies quickly, or a Warlock who summons more and more demonic pets. The rich loot drops also change up the characters a lot, often in humorous ways: among useful items like armor and weapons, players can expect banana peels, and, well, butts.


IGM covered Rampage Knights as a Forum Find game last year, and we also wrote a preview in our July magazine issue.

Check out the Steam store page for more details on Rampage Knights, or to purchase the game at $11.99 USD. There’s an option to buy a two-pack (the game features local and online co-op) for $17.99 USD. Follow the game on Twitter for updates as they come.

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