Rail Heads – Switch The Tracks in this Endless Railroad

Czech indie development studio Touch Orchestra released their game Rail Heads last month for all major mobile devices, and provided a new update recently for added character options and improved graphics to the game. The game is a style of endless runner, except on a shuffled pathway of railroad tracks.

IMG_6048Rail Heads is a casual game that tests the reflexes and attention of the player with every playthrough. Players choose the head that will represent their character, which is then be fitted onto a cart that moves along the designated path of the rails. The problem is, the rails have been shuffled around, and it’s up to the player to rotate the tracks and connect them before their character reaches the end.

The goal of the game is to increase their score as much as they can before the cart runs out of coal for fuel, or until the cart reaches the end of the line because the player can’t keep up. Players can consistently add fuel to their cart by having the path lead over pieces of coal, in order to have the game last longer and earn more points.

Rail Heads is available for free for iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices. For more information on this and future Touch Orchestra games, follow the developers on Twitter or Facebook.

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  • David Hedrick

    Wow, looks pretty hard. Didn’t make it over 50m yet