‘Race The Sun’ Beta Access Opens For Backers And Pre-Orderers

2013-07-20 15_30_28-Steam Greenlight __ Race the Sun

Earlier in the week, Race the Sun developer, Flippfly, announced that everyone who backed the game on Kickstarter and those who pre-ordered the game, will now have access to the Beta.

“We’re extending beta access in Race the Sun to all of our preorder customers and Kickstarter backers as a way of saying ‘thanks’. Our customers and followers have been unbelievably patient and supportive, and now that we’re nearing launch and putting the final touches on Race the Sun, we figure they deserve a reward,” said Flippfly co-founder and programmer, Aaron San Filippo in a press release.

Race the Sun has players zooming across a minimalistic landscape, dodging obstacles and collecting power-ups, attempting to get as far as possible, before the sun sets. The beta features ten levels of ship upgrades and the Simplex World Creator.

I got my hands on Race the Sun last month and tried my hand at racing through the game’s levels. As you can see in the video below, I would make a horrible podracer.

Race the Sun’s Kickstarter campaign was a success, collecting a total of $21,579, over a thousand dollars over the set goal.

Visit the game’s official website, where you can get your hands on a copy of Race the Sun.

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