Rabbit Season! Duck Season! Crashing Season Coming to Mobile Devices

Finnish developer Koukoi Games is releasing a new game where the goal is not to get murdered by the hunters chasing your animal selves.

Crashing Season puts players in control of various animals, and the main aim – besides the not getting murdered bit – involves completing various missions in an effort to unlock more characters, upgrades, and levels.

Each level is themed, with different hunters and different animals with which to punt those hunters: The woods might see players being chased by hunters with what appear to be blunderbusses as they control a stag, or chased through a tundra as a goat by what are either penguins with guns and top hats or some very confusing explorers.

Players appear to have to work to both dodge projectiles fired by the hunters, and use the animals they control to take out those hunters when they can. Despite featuring missions and distinct levels, the game does seem to essentially be an endless runner.

Crashing Season Screenshot

The whole game is done in the always-interesting high-res, low-poly style, which makes the whole game look as though it were papercraft.

Crashing Season is planning for a release at the end of this Summer, and is releasing on “mobile devices,” though Koukoi Games has not mentioned yet which mobile platforms this actually includes. Naturally, this means they haven’t set a price yet, either. You can keep an eye on the game’s website, if you’re interested, and learn more about the developers from their own website.

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