‘QWOP’ Brings Uncoordinated Sprinting Attempts to Android Devices


Bennett Foddy’s ‘forced to run before you can walk’ game QWOP has at long last arrived on Android – stumbling as it lands, I’d expect. The title is available now on the Google Play store for $0.99, a great price for a simple but tough challenge with a lot of inherent laughs.

QWOP is set on the premise that you are the sole athletic representative for your small country at the latest Olympics. You absurdly didn’t get to train at all ahead of time, so it’s up to you to figure things out as you go. The result, more often than not, is a hilarious and spectacular disaster.

Foddy’s household name of an indie originally debuted as a browser-based title in 2008, launching on iOS in December 2010 as well. The Android version was specifically ported by developer Noodlecake.