Quest for Infamy Released – A Hilarious Tale of Scum and Villainy

Phoenix Online Publishing recently released Quest for Infamy. Funded through Kickstarter and developed by indie development studio Infamous Quests, Quest for Infamy is currently available for PC and Linux desktop computers through multiple sellers, including Steam,, and Phoenix Online Publishing’s own store.


Quest for Infamy is a 2D animated role-playing adventure game that draws its gameplay, humor, and artistic inspiration from classic adventure games like Secret of Monkey Island. Along with these nostalgic graphics, the game offers beautiful hand-drawn scenes throughout the game. The game also offers turn-based RPG battles along with adventure game puzzles. Players will also be able to choose from three available classes, each with their own storylines and set of supporting characters. These classes include the Rogue, the Brigand, and the Sorcerer.

The game follows the actions and antics of a “witty and irreverent” character named William Roehm after he escapes the Baron’s castle following an indiscreet incident involving himself and the “honor” of the lord’s daughter. After William Roehm reaches the town of Volksville, players are able to explore the Kingdom and earn Infamy Points through a variety of quests and actions.


Quest for Infamy is currently available for $19.99. Steven Alexander, one of the game’s designers, stated that they developed the game to provide a “memorable and authentic experience that would evoke feelings of nostalgia for the days of classic adventure gaming.”

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