‘Puzzlejuice’ Review – Certainly Does Punch My Brain In The Face!

Puzzlejuice creates a whole new genre by combining two very popular games, Tetris and Words with Friends/Scrabble, into a new, innovative game. The game takes on the sides to please players who enjoy crossword puzzles and word finder games, then puts some stress, panic, and action into play. The game itself is creative and stylish, but if your looking to buy a shoot’m up or a racing game, keep reading anyways. Puzzlejuice takes Tetris and mixes it up a little.

The gameplay is easy to learn with their quick introduction/tutorial, and it sends you straight into the game. The objective of this game is to get as many points as you possible can before reaching the top. In order to remove blocks, you have to match letters (keep reading), to make them disappear. Letters will show up as soon as you make a “tetris” or a row of pieces. You can also match 3 or more touching blocks of the same color and turn them into letters as well. By matching  blocks or spelling words, the multiplier/combo bar will increase. As the game goes on, the pieces will fall faster and faster down the grid. If you make a mistake, the game has an awesome gravity feature, where if you spell a word, the blocks above will fall like sand in Minecraft.

To add more replay value, there are unlockable powerups which you can unlock by completing achievements such as making a 6 letter word or clearing 3 lines with one piece. There are 6 available powerups (of which you can only equip 3), each having different effects. The powerups include: Kabomb, Freeze, Driller, Twister, Slammer, and Letter Nuke (which unlock in order respectively). The devs must have thought this game out pretty well because they also added different game modes. The two core modes: hard mode and euro extreme mode, pretty much covers what I’ve just explained. In hard mode, any word match will create an ‘explosion’ around the surrounding blocks (including adjacent blocks) and removes them off the board. In euro extreme mode, the ‘explosion’ is only created when a five or more letter word is spelled. Zen mode is almost the exact same thing as the core modes, but it is timed (90 seconds), there are no ‘explosion’ for every word, and the pieces don’t fall down on their own.

The interface is unique, and I thought it was really interesting how you can select the mode by swiping your finger across the word. The game was really easy for me to learn and simple to grasp. Also, the tutorial was really accessible and was placed onto the main menu for those who forgot how to play or missed a detail. The music was interesting enough; the music had a sense of rush but was relaxing and calm at the same time. The music is ultimately one of the most important part of any game, video, or movie, and their music gave off a nice retro feel but encapsulating something magical at the same time. This game is amazing, and probably one of the best puzzle/action games I’ve seen in a while. Puzzlejuice all the way.

For more information on Puzzle Juice visit their official website. The iOS version can be found at the App Store, universal for the iPhone and iPad for $1.99.

[review pros=”Intuitive menu, excellent music and sounds, leaderboard function, easy to learn, action packed, and overall, it’s really fun” score=100]