Puzzle Through The “Impossibly Possible” Hyspherical 2

In Hyspherical 2, players must drop circles onto different shapes and ensure they complete a full rotation to pass the level. Various obstacles mean that timing becomes a vital part of solving these geometric puzzles. The game provides over 100 puzzles to solve, with gameplay that the developers warn becomes extremely difficult. However, levels can be skipped, should they be simply too difficult, avoiding stagnation as the game progresses.

Hyspherical 2 has simple, minimalistic design and a muted colour palette. The game is fully scored, with its artistic design aiming to be as relaxing as its difficult puzzles are “frustrating.” The sequel follows Hyspherical, retaining the original’s mechanics but updating the title with a less colourful look. Both titles feature strong soundtracks and a minimalist approach.


The game has been released in collaboration by Runway from GameAnalytics and Monkeybin Studios. Runway is a publishing project from GameAnalytics that helps developers “soft launch” their games in particular regions ahead of full global launch. Monkeybin Studios is a Norwegian based mobile game company founded in 2010, whose most popular titles have been downloaded upwards of 3 million times.

You can download Hyspherical 2 from the App Store for free on iOS 8.1 or later. For more information, check out Monkeybin Studios on their website, Facebook, or Twitter.