Puzzle Platformer Volt Completes its Circuitry on Steam

Earlier this year, Volt released on Android and PC, but was sorely missed on Steam. Recently Greenlit, Volt has now been released on the platform, with early adopters through Desura receiving free keys for the game.

Volt stars a hapless battery who attempts to escape a recycling firm. Batteries have a sore lack of legs to run away on, but fortunately, as we all know, batteries have the ability to use electrical beams to swing from surfaces, interact with objects, and charge generators. With over 60 levels of physics-based puzzle platforming, boss stages, and secret 16-bit levels, Volt offers players a ton of electrifying gameplay. Volt also features a stylized neon-colored, bloom-effect art-style, and an original electronic soundtrack by Six5music.

Volt is available now on Steam for Windows for $6 (launch sale price: $4.79), with Linux and Mac releases coming soon. You can also grab the game on the Play Store for $2.