Push Your Skills to the Limit in Twin-Stick Shooter Trigonarium

Does challenging arcade gaming speak to your soul? Hardcore twin-stick shooting game Trigonarium is setting out to answer the call on iOS devices and, if its Steam Greenlight campaign is successful, PC sometime in the near future. The game is developed by Kimmo Lahtinen, the same developer behind Drift’n’Drive and Cosmic Mechanic, and centers around two modes that challenge players in different ways; Arcade mode is accompanied by epic bosses that will test and push a player’s skills to the limit, while Challenge mode is designed for quick, intense play sessions.


Trigonarium puts players in charge of a tiny triangular purple ship that zooms across a jet black battlefield brimming with enemies and explosions. It features 60fps gameplay, and offers players local 2-player co-op within each mode. The game’s soundtrack was composed by electronic music producer Tommi Lahtinen,

Trigonarium is currently available from the App Store for just $1.99 USD, and does not include any in-app purchases. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, but is optimized for iPhone 5. For more details on Lahtinen’s projects, be sure to check out his website here, and stay up to date through Twitter. What do you think about Trigonarium? Let us know in the comments section.

A keen retrogamer who grew up playing classics like Prince of Persia, Aladdin, and Diddy Kong Racing, Katrina believes that digital games are not just fun, but a great way to learn. These days she enjoys studying Japanese language acquisition, and designing her own games.