‘Pursued’ Blends Gameplay With Google Maps


Have you ever been abducted only to escape captivity and find yourself in an unfamiliar place? Hopefully not, but for those of us who want to try our luck at a great escape, Pursued is available to play in its current beta stage.

Pursued is a short web-game by the developers of Fortix 2Nemesys Games, that uses Google Maps to drop the player into an unfamiliar location and challenges him or her to use their wits to discover where they are before their captors catch them.


There’s definitely a thrill when you realize you haven’t gained any information on where you’ve found yourself and the timer ticking down with less than sixty seconds remaining. It’s also interesting that Google’s streetview is being used interactively in ways other than the maps themselves or web videos

The game currently includes fifteen levels, and once the game has finished its beta stage, tools will be available for players to submit community made maps for everyone to play. It doesn’t take too long to get through the levels included, but the possibility of user made challenges has the potential to increase the amount of content drastically.


To learn more, you can visit the Nemesys Games official website or try the beta version of Pursued out in your browser here.

  • It is actually already out of the Beta. The community maps are live after you completed all the basic levels!