‘Pumped: BMX’ Coming Soon To Android

Back in August, we reviewed a ‘BMX Simulator’ called Pumped: BMX. Created by Adam Hunt, a long-time BMXer who, disillusioned with the lack of BMX games, decided to learn programming to rectify that serious oversight. The result was Pumped: BMX, a fantastic side-scrolling bike racer for iOS with charming aesthetics and smooth gameplay that accurately replicates the BMX experience; at least as best as can be expected on a mobile device.

Well, now there’s good news for all Android owners; Pumped: BMX is due to be released in the Google Play Store on December 20th. Featuring over 40 carefully designed trails spanning 6 epic locations, and numerous hand-drawn tricks for 1000s of different combinations, this is a game made by BMXers for BMXers.


Pumped: BMX has been seen in hundreds of instagram photos, and even such famous professional BMXers such as Matt Priest, Aaron Ross and Chase Hawk, and has been rated the #1 iOS BMX game. If you’re interested in BMXing at all, this is definitely one game you can’t afford to miss.

You can check out the Pumped: BMX Facebook page here or the Twitter page here. You can also visit the Yeah Us! website here.