Protect your Intellectual Property with New Online Course


Indie game developers will want to take note of a new online course designed to help them protect their ideas.

The Center for Responsible Enterprise and Trade, also known as, is a private organization which seeks to help companies and individuals protect themselves from counterfeiting, trade secret theft, piracy, and corruption. They provide various services geared toward this goal, and they have now developed an online course to teach individuals about shielding their intellectual property.

“Introduction to Intellectual Property” is a fifteen-minute interactive course which teaches viewers about the importance of protecting their intellectual property, or IP. It first explains what IP actually is – the term encompasses many things, such as copyrights, design rights, trademarks, and patents. The course also illustrates a number of ways in which IP can be compromised, either accidentally or on purpose, by employees and third party partners, and outlines steps that everyone can take to keep the company’s IP secure.

“‘Intellectual property’… [is] at the core of a company’s value and competitive advantage – however, many employees and supply chain partners put these crown jewels at risk due to a lack of understanding of the assets and how to protect them. This course provides an effective way to train a broad range of employees or partners on the types of IP and how to protect it,” states Pamela Passman, President and CEO of

Currently the course is available only in English, but plans to soon also provide it in Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese. If you have an intellectual property and are interested in learning more about how to protect your assets, visit to check out the seminar.

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