Project IndiE3 – E3 for Indie Game Developers Everywhere

An E3 for indie games? Less than 24 hours ago, this idea was formed and posted on twitter. Since then, the idea has gained a lot of support, and several game developers are actively and optimistically spreading the word and pulling in other upcoming and in-development games to showcase.


Impressively, much of the support has already prompted IndiE3 organizers to set up official dates. Starting on June 9, a day before E3, IndiE3 will be showcasing trailers and announcing various games through online streaming that anyone interested will be able to watch. IndiE3 organizers also promise to attempt several live podcasts that focus on discussions, general indie game coverage, and more.

June 10 to 14 will be the official IndiE3 Jam where developers can work on any kind of game they wish. By June 15, all of these games will be collected and then showcased through the day! It’s a great way for an indie developer to get started and sell a few games at the same time.

IndiE3 promises to be a bit revolutionary in the amount of support it garnered so suddenly, and the tools that it will make available to new indie developers. To learn more, follow @projectindiE3 on twitter. Developers can also e-mail in order to submit games, discussion ideas, or anything else to make IndiE3 even more memorable. Hopefully, this support will solidify this as an annual event. Stay tuned for more information from both E3 and IndiE3!

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  • We should just call it I3 instead of #IndiE3 – Indie Imagination Ignite! =)

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    Love it!