Project Cyber – Watch, Play & Influence a Game as it’s Built

Project Cyber is an interesting new experimental game-building project from Spearhead Games – makers of Tiny Brains – that allows players to watch, influence, and play their game as it’s being built. Players can watch a live-stream of the developmental process every weekday night at 7pm ET, and sign up on their website for a Steam key that allows access to the latest builds of the game. Feedback on the game can then be left through the official Steam group, and will influence how the team continues to develop the game.


The game is currently called Project Cyber Disk and is a 3v3 physics-based competitive sports game. The project started on March 6th, and the plan is to have the game completed within 3 months. Although it’s still early in development, the game is progressing remarkably well, with entertaining 3v3 matches already possible.


By sharing the hurdles, breakthroughs, regressions, and victories of their game development, Project Cyber will give players insight into the work that goes into creating a game.  It’s certainly an ambitious project, and we’ll keep you updated on its progress at IGM.

To be a part of Project Cyber, you can sign up at their official website, catch the live-stream, and join their Steam Group.