‘Pro Janitor Police’ Taking The Fight To A Street Near You Soon

Pro Janitor Police

As games get this ever more serious feel to them we start to see a reduction in the more ridicules fast paced games. Games that when you watch the trailer you begin to feel pumped for the game, well the latest Pro Janitor Police trailer really brings back this fast paced style that absolutely gets you pumped for the release.

The visuals are perfectly in sync with the action in the trailer and it all works together to generate this warm feeling of awesome. The trailer really gives you a feeling that the game is going to be fast paced, crazy, and of course a whole lot of fun.

Pro Janitor Police is the latest game from AdaptivElite and is a side scrolling arcade styled platformer.  The premise is equally as zany and follows a junior getting involved to a freak chemistry lab accident. You may feel a freak accident in a school would maybe just burn his hand here it releases a “mega virus” – Mega is finally being used for the right reasons.

This virus for some inexplicable reason begins mutating creatures and objects forcing this once humble janitor to take his trusty mop to the streets and start cleaning up this mess (literally). To be honest it sounds over the top and because of this nature it sounds awesome. It even has a  He-Man pose implemented into his move set, I don’t think this game can go too wrong.

Expect to see ten stages of unrelenting mop battling chaos as you try to clean these streets once and for all. Although the game currently has no release date expect to see a demo soon. The full game will be released on PC, Android and iOS.

Keep up with all of AdaptivElite’s progress on their website.

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  • I reminds me a little too much of Dustforce. Rather than show ignorance, I’ll respectfully say that I’ll stick with that…