Prison Life RPG Simulates Social Life Behind Bars

One thing I can thank the video game medium for is simulations that hopefully will never happen to the players in real life. Prison Life RPG looks like a humorous take on living in close quarters with other convicts, even though the stakes are serious – execution or a life sentence loom as possible outcomes.

Prison Life RPG puts players in the shoes of one out of 100 possible characters, each with their own qualities, ss_prisonLifeRPG_ipad_4motivations, and goals. While one is controlled, the rest of the inmates fill the institution. There’s a large assortment of activities to fill the day: Washing toilets, getting lunch, bribing guards, learning skills, crafting items, and social interactions with other prisoners will take up most of the inmate’s time. Other people can bully the player, initializing minigames, or join up with the main character in hopes of escaping. Stats like health, energy, happiness, and money govern many of the in-game interactions.

Shu Wan Cheng, the lone developer behind Prison Life RPG, documented a few statistics on his website that show sales trends of the game. While initially a sleeper release, a Let’s Play from a French YouTuber turned the game into a hit on mobile app store lists in various countries around the world. Additionally, sales on Google Play overtook the iTunes Store, and Cheng lists a couple of comparisons between the two platforms in his report.

Prison Life RPG is priced at $3.99 and contains no ads or in-app purchases. It’s available for Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

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