PRiO Is A Platformer That Lets You Control The Platforms


PRiO is an in-development puzzle platformer from DanielDavisGames that has players bouncing a small white orb across yellow, red, and blue blocks. As the orb touches each block, the block lights up. Once every block is lit, the level is complete. The catch is that only one color block can be active at a time. This means that as long as the yellow blocks are physically present, you’ll pass right through where the red or blue blocks would be if they were active.

So to complete a level, players must juggle their orb between the colored blocks, pressing the corresponding button to activate the color they wish to jump onto next.

If you happen to be playing with an Xbox gamepad, you’re in luck because the game was designed with that gamepad’s layout in mind. Hitting the red “B” button activates the red blocks, hitting the blue “X” button activates the blue boxes, and hitting the yellow “Y” button activates the yellow blocks.

With a hoppy soundtrack, some neat lighting effects, and sharp gameplay that’s right at the sweet-spot between too tough and too easy, PRiO is shaping up to be a great puzzle platformer.

You can find PRiO on Steam Greenlight, and a 10-level demo of the game is available on the game’s website. Follow DanielDavisGames on Twitter to keep up with PRiO as it is developed.

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