Prehistoric Platformer Launches Into Action

The dinosaurs may have been wiped out billions of years ago, but they’re back with a few announcements for AtomicTorch’s Dinocide, a NES inspired platformer hoping to bring a classic experience into the modern era. To do so, the studio has released a trailer, a demo, and launched a Steam Greenlight campaign.


Dinocide puts players into the prehistoric shoes – well, bare feet – of a caveman. His partner has been kidnapped by the Dinosaur God, and only by teaming up with friendly dinosaurs will he have a chance of being reunited with them. Friendly dinosaurs can be used as mounts, making the player faster, stronger, and able to use new abilities such as run, jump, swim, fly, and even use fireballs.

According to the Steam page, Dinocide is all about “classic action. Don’t think. Don’t feel. Just go. React. Kill. Jump. Eat. Ride. Like in the good old times! You are not here to watch a movie!”


Interested in the dino demo? The Dinocide demo can be found here, and consists of “three full levels specifically designed for the demo, allowing you to get a good taste of the game.”  For everything else gamers need to know, head to the website, Facebook, Twitter or Steam, where Dinocide is hoping to be Greenlit by the public.