Practice Marksmanship with Expert Rifleman – Reloaded

BattleByte Games released their shooting simulator Expert Rifleman – Reloaded using Steam, on August 14th. Available for PC and Mac, the software allows players to practice their marksmanship with virtual rifles using realistic bullet movements and arcs, and challenges the user to fire accurately against stationary, moving, and long-distance targets.


Expert Rifleman – Reloaded is a 3D ballistics simulator with several features to practise marksmanship, such as different forms of pre-loaded ammunition and rifles. The challenge is for the user to decide, allowing them to experiment with different types of shots, learn how to predict a moving target, and compensate for wind speed and gravity.

This is all thanks to the full ballistics calculator present in the simulator, which can be used to create unique forms of ammunition and rifles and uses many advanced elements, including gravity and air resistance, spin drift, density altitude, arbitrary wind direction, projectile mass and ammunition pressure. If this is enough to make heads spin, don’t worry, they’re not all features that need to be used. Instead, they serve to show how robust the simulator is.


The game is currently available on Steam for $14.99 USD. For more information on Expert Rifleman – Reloaded, gamers are encouraged to follow BattleByte Games on Twitter and Facebook.

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