Porco Rosso-inspired Flight Simulator Takes to the Skies

Taking as much inspiration as possible from games and anime like Porco Rosso and Talespin, with their love of airplanes, French studio La Moustache is developing their own flight combat simulator, BOMB: Who let the dogfight? Players will venture into the skies through different scenarios, while mastering their pilot skills and taking down their foe’s airforce.

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Besides being focused on action and air combat, the developers are also working to make the game a humorous adventure. Players will be able to jump into one of eight classic-futuristic cockpits for a single-player campaign full of funny characters and 17 missions, which take place in unique landscapes. Some missions are serious, like delivering cargo or taking down a fleet of sky pirates, while others are just purely silly, like harassing neighbor islands by dropping advertisement leaflets.

A multiplayer option will also be available, where up to 16 players can join a single dogfight and see who is the best in different game modes. The devs recommend the use of joysticks to control the planes, although using a controller is also possible; using the keyboard is viable, but not recommended. BOMB will also support other controllers like fightsticks and TrackIR, and the use of an Oculus Rift VR is suggested for great cockpit views, for those who have it.

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BOMB: Who let the dogfight? is already available on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux at a price point of $11.99 USD. For those that are interested, more information can be found on game and future updates on their website and Twitter page.

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