POP: Methodology Experiment One Breaks Out in Colors on Steam

POP: Methodology Experiment One is actually exactly what it sounds, despite an off-the-wall title. An artistic experiment, a psychedelic trip, an amalgam of game genres — this creation is now up on Steam with a special Game of the Saeculum addition.

POP: ME1 explores game designing from the inside. Chicago-based creator, Rob Lach, started with writing the music. Focusing on the audio first, everything else later, Lach let himself get inspired from the sounds to craft the visual aesthetic and the variable game mechanics. He imagined an entirely different game with each chapter. Chapters include driving cars, shooting to liberate lives, space rocket lift-offs — the various minigames are seemingly disjointed, examining game design from a different side.

POP_Gunner_2_1080pWhile POP: ME1 was released in 2012, this new Steam release has enhanced content: Game of the Saeculum DLC takes a satirical look at game of the year talks and awards. It also includes audio developer commentary with insight relating to game design and anecdotes regarding creating the game. There are also extra modes that modify game mode speed and other things.

The Deluxe Edition of POP: ME1 includes the game’s soundtrack and DLC content for $4.99 on Steam, while the original game is $3.99. It’s available now for Windows, Mac, Linux, and OnLive.

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