Pony Island Is Not The Game You Think It Is

Pony Island

Pony Island sounds like the type of game where kids log in, learn about colors, and learn basic addition skills.

Well it isn’t.

Pony Island is a game about being trapped in an evil, malfunctioning arcade machine designed by the devil himself.

Fortunately for players, the devil isn’t that great of a coder and his poor coding skills provide players their chance at freedom. While playing along with the devil’s sadistic games, players must do what they can to sabotage the devil’s coding in order to formulate an escape plan.

Daniel Mullins Games describe Pony Island as a suspense-puzzler, “…like Frog Fractions, but bigger and meaner.”

Pony Island is due out on January 4th for PC, Mac, and Linux. In the meantime you can follow Daniel Mullins Games on Twitter and Facebook.

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