‘Polarium’ A Brand New Abstract Puzzler That Has You Play With Cubes

POLARIUM 2013-04-01 16-07-57-78

Puzzlers and indie games have been one in the same for quite some time now as the puzzle genre allows for great creativity and innovation on very reasonable budgets. Narrow Monolith, a small indie studio from the UK has taken a leap of faith into the puzzle genre with Polarium an abstract minimalistic puzzler.

Polarium combines some rather intense and rapid gameplay mechanics with many of the classic mechanics of more cerebral puzzle games and from what I have played it works well. The game sets out the basic premise rather nicely and slowly begins to build on it adding new and interesting mechanics.

The difficulty curve seems in line with most puzzlers and although the mechanics to begin with seem rather basic. With some further development Polarium can indeed become a very interesting and unique puzzler.

Although the game is still in the early stages of development there is a great deal of potential here starting with a solid framework that holds some great ideas. Polarium is still in the early stages and because of this Narrow Monolith are looking to get further investment from the public to allow them to fully realise the potential of Polarium.

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Narrow Monolith started a Kickstarter just the other day in the hope of raising £30,000 in funds to finish the project. Polarium can be played as an alpha via IndieDB which should give you a better understanding of the project and really it does speak for itself.

Be sure to check out the Kickstarter for additional information or Steam Greenlight.

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